How to clean and remove odors from a dishwasher?

Most often, dirt, including fungus and bacteria, collects on the rubber seal on the dishwasher door. Wipe them weekly with a mild disinfectant cleaner solution (1 part detergent to 9 parts water) to prevent build-up. The outer surface of the dishwasher should be wiped like the rest of the kitchen surfaces - about once a week.

How to take care of your washing machine?

According to research, germs such as E. coli and even viruses, including rotavirus and norovirus, can survive in washing machines, especially if disinfectants are not used in the laundry. To accurately get rid of germs, once every two weeks (or once a month if the device is rarely used), it is recommended to “run” the cycle without laundry, but with a glass of bleach.

How to clean the walls and surface of the oven?

Even though food is cooked in an oven at a high temperature that kills most germs, it is better not to neglect surface cleaning: crumbs, splashes and drips left uncleaned can serve as food for bacteria when the device is turned off. Samsung Electronics appliances, such as the Dual Cook range of ovens, have catalytic cleaning, which makes cleaning the oven walls much easier. Shelves should be taken out and washed separately. The exterior of the ovens, including the hob, can be cleaned regularly with a microfibre cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.

How to properly clean refrigerators?

Refrigerator shelves should be wiped and disinfected at least once a week, as this is where raw meats, vegetables, eggs, cheeses and deli meats are stored.

Any spilled liquid in or near the refrigerator should be wiped up immediately to prevent mold growth. Caring for the external surfaces of the refrigerator is simple - it is enough to periodically use detergents to clean household appliances.

Why is it dangerous to open the refrigerator door often and for a long time?

Frequent opening of the door causes warm air to enter the chamber, which increases the heat load on the small evaporator and increases the temperature in the appliance. The longer the door is left open, the more the refrigerator will be loaded. Under normal use, the length of time the door can be left open should be no more than 3 minutes.

How often should the refrigerator be defrosted?

Most refrigerators need to be defrosted several times a month. This process should take place naturally. To speed it up, you can put a container of hot water in the refrigerator.

Are there any rules for the transport of refrigerators?

It is important to observe the following rules during transportation:

  • equipment is transported exclusively vertically;
  • be sure to secure the transported cargo with belts and use stops;
  • Carefully carry out loading and avoid shaking while driving.

The main problem that arises during transportation is the lack of space in the car for transporting equipment. Therefore, before ordering a car, indicate to the employees of the company providing cargo delivery services the dimensions of your equipment to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to check the performance of the washing machine in the store or when delivered home?

Every little thing matters, because the equipment should serve more than one year. So take a close look at:

  • the outer casing of the washer;
  • the inner surface of the drum, how easy it is rotated by hand;
  • documentation, coupon, instructions;
  • complete set - there must be all hoses for connection;
  • Does the equipment work when plugged into the network;
  • whether there are bolts for transportation in the field - this is important when transporting the machine;
  • dispenser tray, panel.

How to call the master?

To make an application for the departure of the master, call us and describe in your own words what happened. If possible, please look at the name of your washing machine. Let Fast Wolf Appliance Repair Las Vegas know where you are located and the preferred time of arrival of the master.

During the first use, the oven gives off a strange smell - what should I do?

There is no reason to worry: the "smell of a new oven" is absolutely normal. If you want to quickly get rid of the smell coming from a new appliance, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth. Also an effective way is to turn on the top/bottom heat for 30 minutes at 250 C. This should be enough to get rid of any foreign smell in the new oven.

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